Just like pebre, micheladas are another Chilean classic I refer to (and drink) a fair bit. Well they are actually from Mexico, but are super popular here too.

What can I say about micheladas? They are a beer based “cocktail”, made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and tabasco, and in my opinion are most appropriate on 2 occasions.

1. Refreshing after work drinks with friends in the summer time

2. As a hangover cure the day after a big one. They are seriously re-hydrating, no joke.

Michelada ingredients

The makings of a michelada


The type of beer you use is a matter of personal preference. I prefer a lager or pale ale, nothing too dark or strong in flavour.

  • Salt
  • Tabasco
  • Lemons
  • Beer!


You will need 2 plates, one with some water and one with salt. Dip the rim of a glass into the water and then into the salt so you have a nice, light rim of salt around the edge.

Squeeze the juice out of the lemons, making sure to remove all the pips. Poor the juice into the salted glasses. You want to make enough juice so that each glass contains about 2 fingers worth. Add about a quarter of a teaspoon of salt to each glass and tabasco*.

Pouring technique

Don’t touch the rim!

Pour in the beer SLOWLY, being careful not to touch the rim. The best way is to tilt the glass slightly and pour the beer onto the side of the glass so the liquid runs down into the lemon juice mixture. There will be fizz, so be very careful not to let it touch the rim of salt either or all the salt will dissolve into the liquid. Part of the experience of drinking a michelada is licking a bit salt off the rim as you take a sip.

And there you have it! This drink goes well with some fresh bread, pebre and good company.

*The amount of tabasco depends on how much you like chili and also depends on the brand so feel free to experiment.


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